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Is this project still being worked on?

first post: dwcode wrote: Hello, This Excel add-in looks very good so far. Is there still w...

How do I connect to a different Selenium Server/Hub or Cloud (Saucelabs)?

first post: rwunsch wrote: Hi , I want to use Selenium-Excel-Plugin, but not on my local mac...

How to run a command only once

first post: kst wrote: Great tool, but some questions as I need to login exactly once: Is...

After installation there is no bar at the Excel

first post: Kreola wrote: Greetings! Established, but Excel does not appear panel. Tell me ...

about the VBA in excel

first post: meng0819 wrote: Thanks for your supply this project. Can we modify your VBA in the...


first post: tktk11 wrote: Takashi Yoshizawa様 こんにちは。 Takashi Matsudaと申します。 以前にtypeコマンドが追記されて...

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